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Why BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS)?


  • The out-of-home, and often times unfamiliar nature of shopping has made mobile phone connectivity a must-have for consumers, especially when they need information the most.


  • Growing trends in consumer self-service, mobility and collaborative decision-making is creating a smart, predictive environment for the most effective flow of consumers and goods through the commercial centres, during normal operation as well as emergency.


  • Blacktone beacons and QR codes, the latest buzz in the industry, have triggered a new wave of initiatives aimed at bringing the vision of a personalized shopping experience closer.


  • BlackTone’s coupled with connected mobile phones are a great way to enhance shopping, as a means of interpreting, predicting and serving a consumer’s needs.


  • Brick-and-mortar businesses continue to struggle with their digital counterparts for customer attention.


  • How can they offer in-store experiences that live up to customers’ modern standards?


  • While online stores are able to leverage all kinds of innovative technology, physical shops are often left wanting.


  • To compete they need IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that are easy to implement, manageable, and somehow different and modern.


  • On top of that, they should be affordable.


  • Did you know that businesses like Retail Stores, Commercial Banks, Shopping Centers, Supermarkets, etc. are using BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (PMS) to reach consumers through push notifications on their smartphones?


  • Thanks to BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (BPMS) you can now send proximity notifications to any Android and Apple smartphone.


BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions (BPMS) and technology deliver campaigns and enables personal communication when customers are in close proximity to a location.

The BlackTone Proximity Marketing Eco Systems


Over the coming months we will be rolling-out The BlackTone Regional and National Proximity Marketing Eco Systems, comprising hundreds of Blacktone bacons and QR codes, all acting in concert pointing consumers to specific locations and businesses that meet their specific information, shopping experience and interest.

How do BlackTones work?


Our “BlackTones” will be strategically located inside targeted locations, public spaces and carefully selected locations outside and nearby high traffic points.

As enter these locations and within a defined radius outside the location, you will receive a push message from a “BlackTone” designed as either coupons, cards, images, forms, videos, etc. on your smartphone.


``An Intelligent Search Functionality Helping New and Existing Customers Find Your Business In An Area Easily.``.....and.... ``Exact Geo Location Feature Allows Customers To Route And Get To Your Store The Easiest Way.``


``Leverage The Convergence Of The Three Rapidly Growing Trends: Consumer Self-Service, Mobility And Collaborative Decision-Making… Create A Smart, Predictive Environment For Your Customers.``


``Chat Real-Time With Your Customers Without Limit. Just Log In To The App And Enable GPS Then You Will Get All The Important Customers.``


`` It’s Now A Great Time To Enhance Your Customers Shopping Experience With Blacktone Beacons And QR Codes. Interpret, Predict And Serve their Needs. Bring Your Customers Closer To A More Personalized Shopping Experience.``

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