Trends and Developments…. Did you know…

  • The out-of-home, and often times unfamiliar nature of shopping has made mobile phone connectivity a must-have for consumers, especially when they need information the most.
  • Growing trends in consumer self-service, mobility and collaborative decision-making is creating a smart, predictive environment for the most effective flow of consumers and goods through the commercial centres, during normal operation as well as emergency.
  • Blacktone Beacons and QR codes, the latest buzz in the industry, have triggered a new wave of initiatives aimed at bringing the vision of a personalized shopping experience closer.
  • BlackTone’s coupled with connected mobile phones are a great way to enhance shopping, as a means of interpreting, predicting and serving a consumer’s needs.
  • Brick-and-mortar businesses continue to struggle with their digital counterparts for customer attention. How can they offer in-store experiences that live up to customers’ modern standards? While online stores are able to leverage all kinds of innovative technology, physical shops are often left wanting.
  • To compete they need IoT (Internet of Things) solutions that are easy to implement, manageable, and somehow different and modern. On top of that, they should be affordable.

10 Reasons Blacktone Marketing Solutions are ideal for your Retail Operations.

  • Increase Foot Traffic and Provide Incentives for customers to go in-store or to self-automated points. New things can be scary, but that can be turned around with compelling incentives and proximity advertisements. Keep new customers excited and engaged with BlackTone notifications.
  • Drive In-Store Engagement by sending proximity marketing messages about nearby Retail points. Well informed and engaged customers are happier customers with BlackTone’s proximity marketing solutions, proactively informing customers about the locations, how to use, seek help and assistance at self-automated points or available customer windows.
  • Acquire More Customers by sending targeted offers and new product promotions with in-store and outside BlackTone solutions. This is achieved by giving a gentle nudge to customers with targeted offers and information about new products, related to their current or past interests – at the right time.
  • Grow Repeat Visitors with Push Loyalty Program information. Your relationship with your customers are forever. With BlackTone you keep them engaged and coming back for more with loyalty offers.
  • Serve Your Customers Better by collecting valuable feedback with forms. Evaluate your customer’s experience by asking quick and simple questions.
  • Location Based Advertisements: A localized appeal to retail stores help consumers connect better with the brand. A smart implementation of location-based advertisements could drive a lot of footfalls into your stores.
  • Give prospects a reason to visit your stores with Memorable In-Store Experience

Here are a few ways you can make their experience worthwhile at Your Retail Operations –

Send a welcome message and or reminder as soon as they enter your store.

While in the queue, offer them a time waster – something to read, funny GiFs, memes or information about a new product or service

Offer rewards for completing tasks within and outside the store – for e.g., take a selfie with the latest product poster in the store etc.

Deploy BlackTone’s on counters. Push notification about products and services.

Detailed parking information and assistance.

Speed the payment and encashment process by offering contactless options

Push recommendations based on gaming habits and preferences

  • Improve Conversion and Get New Insights into Customer Behavior. Clear insights into your customer’s behavior, helps convert better. Using BlackTone analytics and reports, you can better measure performance and uncover actionable insights for your store.
  • Data-Driven Retail Decisions: Data-driven decision making is a necessity for staying relevant and competitive in retail. Most companies agree to this but are held back due to the cost involved and the complexities in capturing it and so on. There have been several attempts to capture data in-store, but it’s either too expensive or too intrusive in the gaming experience.

BlackTone makes data collection really simple for gamers. In between broadcasting your location-specific messages, BlackTones also track a host of analytics about your store and customer behavior – daily traffic, popular product displays, commonly combined items and more.

What are the four essential metrics you need to track?

BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions Are:

Easy to Implement


Different and Modern

Importantly Affordable.