Recruiting and Prospecting

Blacktone Proximity Marketing Solutions

Blacktone Proximity Marketing Solutions can be leveraged by Real Estate agents, service-based professionals and business owners at local meetups, huge expos, conferences.  

Blacktone Proximity Marketing Solutions using “BlackTone Keychains” have a small form factor and can be easily attached to your keys, purse or even your pet’s collar – it’s approximately the size of a U.S. half dollar!

The BlackTone Keychain

BlackTone Proximity Marketing Solutions Recommended Use Case

Events Coordinators, Volunteers & Attendees

BlackTones that go anywhere have stimulated the appetite of event marketers. These are carried around by volunteers and event managers to increase engagement and provide better visitor experience.

Blacktone Proximity Marketing Solutions can be leveraged to broadcast:

  • Event schedules and happenings
  • Interesting topics related to the event
  • Routes to locations—seating sections, concession stands, ATM machines, restrooms, and wagering windows
  • Ticket sales and promotions
  • Menu for ordering food and drinks
  • In case of large conferences with company-specific booths, attendees are using these tiny BlackTones to drive traffic to their booth
  • Broadcast offers and product information
  • Exchange digital business cards during networking sessions
For Real Estate Agents

In recent months, more and more real estate agents have been utilizing BlackTone Keychains in interesting ways while they move around.

  • Push business cards
  • Aid property search with directions on Google maps
  • Capture more leads with the tap-to-call feature
  • Broadcast information about houses on sale in the vicinity
For Prospecting & Recruiting

Recruiting and Prospecting is definitely a favourite use case for BlackTone Keychains, were they are used at job fairs, military recruitments and college admissions.

The mobility of BlackTones adds a powerful factor to campaigns.

BlackTone Keychains are being used to –

  • Push Personalised information or services related to the company or office they are visiting
  • Broadcast alerts about talks and schedules
  • Capture applications using forms
  • Push job-related documents
  • Address FAQs about the process  

 A BlackTone so small, THAT IT IS A BIG DEAL!

The BlackTone Keychain is tiny but is still fully functional, offering the same functionalities and features found in full-size BlackTones packed in a much smaller form factor.

1. Lightweight and compact – Designed to be carried around

BlackTone Keychains weigh about 16gms and have a dimension of 42x31x11 mm, which almost the size of a coin! The specifications of this hardware make it apt for all on-the-move applications.

BlackTone Keychains come with accessories, such as neck string and keychain, which makes carrying it all the more stylish and easier.

2. Transmits up to 50m

The maximum transmitting range of a BlackTone Keychain is around 50 meters. However, this also depends on several external factors such as physical obstacles, the material the signals pass through etc. Out of the box, BlackTone Keychains transmits to a definite range of 25 meters.

With BlackTone Keychains, one might have to sacrifice the transmission range for the mobility. If transmission range is a major factor for your use case, try out pocket BlackTones, which is a good combination of small form factor and higher transmitting range.

The Pocket BlackTone

Ideal for retail, real estate, and on-the-move applications.

Our latest introduction – The Pocket BlackTones– is one of the most versatile BlackTones in our fleet.

Given the size, weight and range, it fits well into the pocket, as well as, sticks on retail store walls and aisles to broadcast location-based personalized messages.

Why Use Pocket Blacktones?

As the space is undergoing rapid expansion across industries, marketers and business owners are coming up with innovative proximity use cases for their businesses. To match these innovations, one needs hardware that can complement these campaigns. We launched Pocket BlackTones – smaller, smarter and more powerful to meet this growing demand.  

Recommended Use Case

Pocket BlackTones are extremely versatile in application as marketers in retail, hospitality and public space use them on store aisles, trial rooms, public stations and hotel receptions.

At the same time, we are also seeing real estate brokers and service-based professionals move around with BlackTones in their cars, pockets and bags. Forecasts from 2018 assert that BlackTone use cases will grow in both directions. With our “Pocket BlackTones”, the hardware is just the right size for all applications.  

Pocket BlackTones can be used

Transmitting Range

These BlackTones are just as small and light as a golf ball – 50mm x 50mm x 15mm, so that they comfortably slide into your pockets. At the same time, they have the range and robustness to broadcast notifications in stores and public spaces with a transmitting range of 50 – 80m.