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How Blacktone Proximity Marketing Solutions is helping Real Estate Professionals to sell more prepared by BlackTone.

Why Blacktone Proximity Marketing (PMS)?

In this fiercely competitive market, there are indeed numerous ways to market your real estate businesses – be it radio, newspaper or tv ads, billboards or flyers. However, most of these ways fail in reaching out to potential buyers at the right time and in the right manner.

Shouldn’t technology be able to address this problem efficiently?                 

The latest vertical to be exploring BlackTone Technology and Solutions is the real estate business. Real estate agents and companies are fast realizing how important a role BlackTones can play in their marketing strategy. These devices can enhance the customer house hunting experience to a great extent by notifying customers about houses that are on sale in the vicinity, sending specifications of the house they are standing in front of, and engaging them with 360 degree view videos of the house and more.

That’s why today BlackTone’s technology and solutions are garnering tremendous momentum among real estate folks. Whether you’re starting out in the real estate space or are a seasoned pro, BlackTone technology promises you a list of new ways to reach out to prospective buyers at the right time and in the right manner, to help you sell more and save marketing dollars that you would otherwise invest in billboards and banners.

In recent months, your fellow realtors have already been deploying BlackTones successfully to drive their businesses – be it for attracting buyers, engaging with them or gathering analytics.

BlackTone can help you to also build a successful campaign that will positively impact your sales.

Here Are Three Examples

A Virtual Tour

Most buyers today, begin their hunt for a new home on the web or newspaper classifieds and may not even bother to go visit a property in person if they don’t find enough visual and factual information about the property.

This understandably puts a lot of pressure on you to get better and better with your visual presence and engage the increasing technology savvy market. Using BlackTone Solutions to send notifications about your listing is great, but to make the notification all the more engaging, you can embed a virtual tour in your custom designed markdown card.

Would you like to deploy and use such a notification card?

BTL will not only push a video of the property, showcasing both inside and outside features, but we can also shoot a video tour of the neighborhood and embed it on the notification card. This gives prospective buyers a much better feel for what the neighborhood is like to live in. This is especially helpful when the BlackTone campaign is set up far from the property, for e.g., near your real estate office or a trade show etc.

Click to Call

The “Call to Action” is THE most important component of any push notification, yet it’s often missing or not best utilized. Your buyers receive notifications on the “mobile devices”. Why not use the properties of the phone to make the CTAs all the more powerful?

On devices with phone capabilities, it is easy for buyers to directly connect with you by simply tapping a phone number, or more commonly known as click to call. It’s a small trick but incredibly helpful! A lot of Agents have increased their calls by 30-40% using this feature.

Social Proof to Market Your Listing

According to NAR statistics, 35% of all the buyers in 2016 were millennials and this number will only continue to grow in 2018 and beyond. With these statistics and millennial’s addiction to social media, one thing for sure – Social proof is sure to work!

As a real estate professional or a house owner you can leverage Instagram stories, Facebook check-ins and Snaps from other visitors to your property. This not only drives a sense of urgency in the minds of the buyers but also builds their confidence about the neighbourhood and locality.

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Will you be the next realtor to leverage BlackTone technology and Solutions for your business? We certainly hope so and BTL is here to get you started right now.