Blacktone Lingo

BlackTone: Low-powered beacon transmitter equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE

(also called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart) that can be used to deliver proximity-based, context-aware messages to smart devices.

BlackTone Application: A branded software application that runs on a website allowing Receiver/Customer to receive notifications and other marketing information on their smart devices, once downloaded and installed onto said smart device.

BlackTone Ecosystems:  A national distribution of BlackTones in key geographic markets across Jamaica allowing for a national footprint for the broadcast of notifications.

BlackTone NFC Device: A proximity marketing device used to interact with a location or a physical object at a small distance, enabling a seamless exchange of information with just a tap.

BlackTone Nest: A group or collection of BlackTones pushing or broadcasting the same message or notification and can either be in the same physical location or in multiple locations.

BlackTone QR Code: A proximity marketing channel that leverages quick response (QR) codes to bridge the gap between offline and online channels. These QR codes are erected in strategic locations for consumers to scan using their smart devices, to access information about products, brands, services or offers.

BlackTone Smart Locations: Specially designated locations that are out fitted with BlackTones, at key and strategic points on the Property, which allows for the location to communicate with the Receiver/Customer on a one on one basis.

Receiver/Customer:  Member of the general public in physical possession of a smart device outfitted with data or Wi-Fi services, having agreed to accept the notifications from BlackTones on their smart device, having downloaded the BlackTone Application.

Notifications: Location specific messages/notifications in the form of text, pictures, audio and video received by the Receiver/Customer on their smart device.

Subscription Fee: The subscription fee charged monthly in respect of the Services.